Key areas & current work

The Academy’s strategic plan for 2006–2010 has the following core programs:

Increasing and Strengthening the Visibility and Credibility of the Academy

Since the creation of the Academy, efforts have been made to create relationships with government ministries, local governments, donors, and other stakeholders who need the services of science and technology. In the execution of the present strategic plan, the Academy is maintaining an active relationship with the executive and legislative branches of government as well as with local government authorities (councils and their mayors, government delegates, etc.).

The Academy is proactively using the media to promote its image through the regular coverage of its activities, especially forum meetings, public lectures, and prize award ceremonies. The Journal of the Cameroon Academy of Sciences (JCAS) is published regularly to maintain its role as the lead organ for the dissemination of the country’s research results and the Academy’s stand on scientific issues of national character.

The efforts made so far in the execution of this core program have resulted in:

  • the designation (by Ministers) of CAS focal points in various ministries;
  • increased input by CAS into ministerial activities (participation in commissions and projects);
  • participation of CAS in the evaluation and promotion of researchers; and
  • increased participation by stakeholders in CAS fora, workshops, and public lectures.

Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening

The current absence of our own physical infrastructure and the lack of competent administrative staff constitute a major handicap to the achievement of the objectives of the Academy. The key to success lies in aggressive public relations that can open channels to scarce resources that will enhance the Academy’s staff performance and enable the creation of a more conducive infrastructure (larger office space through the acquisition of land and construction of the Academy’s headquarters). The recruitment and training of staff, as well as the establishment of a website, will further enhance the image and performance of the Academy. The website is set up. New computers and printers have been acquired.

Increasing the Fiscal and Financial Sustainability of the Academy

Increasing the financial strength of the Academy is critically important for the realization of its goals and objectives.  Since its creation, the Academy has survived largely on the financial contributions of its fellows.  To increase the financial strength of the Academy, we are presently either carrying out or intend to carry out the following activities:

  • Renewed membership drive
  • Sensitizing the Cameroon government to fund some of our activities (such as the publication of the journal, fora, and workshops: the Academy is now on a government budget since 2011.
  • Targeting international partners (NASAC, TWAS, USNAS, the UK Royal Society, etc.) for sponsorship of some activities
  • The creation of an endowment fund

Implementation of Projects that Guide Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy or Provide Evidence-Based Advice to Stakeholders

In addressing and focusing on the strategic interest of government and other stakeholders involved in the economic and social development of the country, the Academy is undertaking activities to guide science, technology, and innovation policy and to provide evidence-based information vital for policy formulation and implementation. The Academy’s role in all of this is to listen carefully to policy makers and stakeholders and try to address their problems. By observing societal trends and concerns, the Academy will provide policy advisory products to guide government action.