Activities & achievements

Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, and Fora

  • Second Annual International Conference of the African Science Academy Development Initiative: Prioritizing Food Security Policies for Health and Development in Africa: Science Academy-Policymaker Interaction for Evidence-Based Decision Making, 15-16 November 2006, Yaoundé, Cameroon (in collaboration with the U.S. National Academy of Sciences)
  • Conserving and Managing Biodiversity in Central Africa: Global Challenges and Local Solutions, 1–3 March 1999, Yaoundé, Cameroon (in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Forestry and Environment, the United Nations Development Program, and the Central African Regional Program for the Environment)
  • National Forum on Food Security: Exploring Opportunities to Eliminate Food Insecurity in the Sudano-Sahelian Region of Cameroon, 18th June 2008, Yaoundé, Cameroon (in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Scientific Research and Innovation)
  • International Workshop on the African Genetic Diversity: Reconstructing African-American Genetic Origins, 29–30 November 2002, Yaoundé, Cameroon (in collaboration with the University of Maryland, College Park, USA, and the Ministry in charge of Scientific and Technical Research)
  • National Workshop on Modern Biotechnology: Genetically Modified Crops, Foods and Feeds – Cameroon Perspectives, 23–24 July 2004, Yaoundé, Cameroon (in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Scientific and Technical Research and the Ministry in charge of Environment and Nature Production)
  • Seminar on Inquiry-Based Science Education in Francophone Africa, 4–6 February 2008, Yaoundé, Cameroon (in collaboration with the Ministries in charge of Basic Education, Secondary Education, and Scientific Research and Innovation; the InterAcademy Panel on International Issues; and the Network of African Science Academies)
  • Workshop on nutrition and health in Cameroon, 7-8 January, 2010
  • Workshop on tackling cardiovascular diseases/non communicable diseases in Cameroon, 28-29 September, 2011 in Cameroon

Public Lecture Series

For the past few years, the Academy has organized two to three public lectures each year.  For this year, there have been public lectures on VANHIVAX and HIV/AIDS (by Prof. Victor A. Ngu and Prof. W. Muna) and various aspects of climate change in Cameroon (Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future by Prof. F. Mkankam; Climate Change in Cameroon During the Last Century: Trends, Environmental Impacts, and Future by Prof. Samuel Ayonghe; and Climate Change: Impact and Mitigation Strategies by Prof. Maurice Tsalefac).

Award of Research Excellence Prizes

A total of ten research excellence prizes have so far been awarded to young scientists in the agricultural sciences, physical sciences, medical sciences, and engineering.  This has always been done in collaboration with the Academy of Sciences of the Developing World (TWAS), the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation, and the Ministry of Higher Education and since 2010 with the African Union as well.

Other Activities

  • The Academy has facilitated the project on malaria drug production by Cameroon’s Institute of Medical and Medicinal Plant Research (IMPM), the Ministry of Public Health, and U.S. partners.
  • The Academy is facilitating the organization of a workshop on scientific writing by the InterAcademy Medical Panel and the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Yaoundé.

The Academy has selected scientists and young scientists for conferences, workshops, and commissions as requested by various partners.