Core values

The following are the core values important to the Cameroon Academy of Sciences:

1. Quality of fellowship, products, and so on

2. Objectivity of documents, reports, and opinions

3. Integrity of documents, reports, and opinions supported by evidence

4. Independence from pressure groups – public or private

5.  Relevance to the problems of the society

The main goal of the Academy is to promote the progress of science, technology, and innovation for the economic, social, and cultural development of Cameroon.

Specific objectives to achieve this goal include the following:

  • Promoting research and technological training at the highest level
  • Advising the national government and other national and international policy makers on issues related to science and technology in the service of man
  • Popularizing science and technology in culture
  • Contributing to the defense of science and the franchise of scientists
  • Developing scientific and technological relations with the private and public sectors of the national economy

Promoting scientific and technological cooperation at the international level.