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A Critical Appraisal of the Report on “Health Professionals for a New Century: Transforming Education to Strengthen Health Systems in an Interdependent World”.

In view of  the landmark and prestigious report on the Education of Health Professionals for the 21st Century that was published in 2010 in the Lancet,  a workshop is being organized by the Cameroon Academy of Sciences to discuss the fracture between health professional training and the population needs in many countries especially those in Sub Saharan Africa, Examining this disconnect as a major contributing factor to the deteriorating state of the health services offered to Cameroon’s population,  the major objective of the workshop will be to analyze and carryout a critical appraisal of innovations to be effected.  It will give us an opportunity to examine the situation in Cameroon and see what relevant lessons could be learned in order to develop necessary strategies for action in the immediate future.

Organized and chaired by Prof Wali Muna Head of the National Forum on Public Health of the Cameroon Academy of Science, the meeting will group university dons and health professionals and will honor Prof. Gotlieb Monekosso with an award.  Prof Monekosso is the founding director of the pioneer medical school in Cameroon (University Centre for Health Sciences – 1969 ( and past Regional Director of the World Health Organization-AFRO.  He will be honoured for his life time achievements in promoting medical Education in Cameroon and Africa.   The forum will open with the Chair Prof Walijom Muna presenting the  Lancet report and explain what promoted its write-up. He will discuss the urgency of reforms to adapt to changing times.   Prof Maurice Sosso, Rector of the University of Yaounde I(UYI) and Head of Health Education within Comite Africain et Malgache de l’Enseignement Superieur (CAMES) will present on the current situation of medical education in Cameroon.  Prof Samuel Kingue Director of Personnel at the Ministry of Health will present on Cameroon’s  Health Reforms and the professional  imperatives  for  re-certification. Pr Wilfred Mbacham, Principal of the PRD-College at UYI will conduct a critical appraisal on “Transforming  Health Education to Strengthen Health Systems in an Interdependent World”.  Prof S. Biwole, Inspector General at the Ministry of Health will discuss the hospital as the model classroom par excellence.  Deans from the major private,  confessional and public medical schools have been invited to speak about their current challenges with proposal for reforms.

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Some Presentations at the Workshop (pdf)

Walinjom FT Muna MD, Ph.D., FACC on The Lancet Commission report, Health Professional training in Sub-Saharan Africa and Cameroon

Prof. Magloire BIWOLE SIDA (GASTRO-ENTEROLOGUE) on “The Hospital – Model Classroom par Excellence”

Prof. Pr. Gottlieb Monekosso (President GHD Foundation) on A Conceptual Framework of a Medical School : The Vision, the Mission and the Milestones

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Institut Supérieur des Sciences de La Santé (ISSS) – Offres de Formation

Mbacham – Report Appraisal transforming Medical education for the 21st Century

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